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Steel/Metal products export and import services on fair conditions with clear deadlines

LLC "Metal Export"  is providing metal production  export and import services and offers fair terms of cooperation to the Partners. We have a modern industrial-warehouse complex and may ensure full range of support for clients and suppliers.

LLC "Metal Export" export without risks is based on:

  • Purchase of products and materials. We purchase Partners products, provide legal and logistics support. Our highly professional managers deal with all organizational issues, we provide guidance starting from the Contract signing to on-time delivery to the warehouse.
  • Clear and definite deadlines. Export documents for the Customs Union and the CIS countries are issued within 5-7 days.

Safe and profitable import for foreign Partners

Our company is providing a market research and finds a suitable supplier for our Clients. We compare the prices of several contractors and choose the most attractive offer. In addition, we provide the following import services:

  • Delivery of sectional cargo. We compile cargos of several suppliers and ensure its on-time delivery, it reduces the logistics costs.
  • The search for optimal schemes of delivery. We monitor logistics market offers in terms of distance and transportation costs reduction. Special attention is paid to the involvement of a trusted transport companies.
  • Safety. We carefully check the reliability and legal capacity of the vendors.


Cooperation with "Metal Export"  eliminates many risks and creates additional competitive market advantages.


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